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6.4.2014 09:35
Někdo tu je :-)
28.3.2014 11:13
marek69699 (Levá ruka boží Kaštan Drbohlav)
to allahu akbar je jen recnicky pozdrav btw..
28.3.2014 11:12
marek69699 (Levá ruka boží Kaštan Drbohlav)
Allahu Akbar, je tu nekdo? Posledni koment vice jak pred rokem...nejaky pokrok za tu dobu? Uz se planuje mesita? Kolik je cca clenu?
17.12.2013 09:24
Anonymous (Big.Snajpy)
Tady máte zajímavý video:
16.10.2013 10:58
Anonymous (Atheist)
I recommend you look when attempting to connect with other atheists in your community is The site provides an ideal starting point for seeing what might be available in your area. If you don't find any groups listed under "atheism" or "atheists," be sure to try variations such as "humanists" and "freethinkers."
24.8.2013 17:14
WEB updates anouncement:
- thinks do not move so much at homepage
- anonymous in discussion can add their name
- Tags in articel details are clicable and works as a filter
- bug at articel udpate was fixed
- a few design chagnes
24.8.2013 01:42
Ty pohybující se texty na úvodní stránce není moc dobrý nápad. Hrozně to rozptyluje.
14.8.2013 23:59
HEllo :-)
12.8.2013 17:38
Atheism25 (Militant Atheist Konstantin Kostic)
Hello everyone
8.8.2013 14:15
PS: mám jen trošku obavy, že když se to rozepíše, bude to moc dlouhé a nikdo to nebudue číst
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